Where should I invest Rs 15 lakh for 4 years?

I am 67 years old. I want to invest Rs 15 lakh for a horizon of four years. As bank and post office deposit rate is too low, where should I invest the money? And how?


Since you have not shared your financial details, it is not possible to offer a personalised advice. It is extremely tricky to suggest any investment options to a retired person without knowing the full details of his financial situation. Here are a few pointers.

One, do not chase returns. Always be mindful that you need to take extra risk to earn extra returns. Most retirees are not in a position to take extra risk because they cannot deal with losses. Only banks and AAA-rated deposits from bluechip companies will offer you safety and modest returns.
Two, as said earlier, if you want extra returns, you need to take extra risk.

You can opt for reputed companies that are rated little lower to earn some extra return. You can also look at some private banks that are offering higher returns on deposits. If you are willing to take extra risk and invest in mutual funds, you may consider investing in a short duration or medium duration mutual funds. However, you need to consult a SEBI-registered investment advisor before that.

Note, this advice is based on the assumption that you are not looking to generate primary income from this investment.

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