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As climate change threatens Pacific Islands, some atolls have been growing. Now scientists have figured out why

But over the past decade, scientists have noted a puzzling phenomenon: some islands are getting bigger. A new study released last week examined the evolution of Jeh Island, a sparsely populated atoll that’s part of the Marshall Islands, a Pacific nation made up of a remote chain of coral atolls and volcanic islands between the […]


Amazon, Google, Walmart, and other leading firms, call on Biden, Congress to address climate change

Many of the nation’s top companies, including Amazon, Goldman Sachs, Ford, Google and Walmart, are calling on the new administration to address climate change and come up with long-term solutions in response to concerns from investors, customers, communities and employees. In a letter to President-elect Joe Biden and the new Congress, 42 corporations urged the government […]

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Sharks have killed 7 people in Australia this year, the most since 1934. Climate change could be a factor

A shark had attacked a surfer, who was missing. Authorities sent drones into the sky for aerial surveillance, emergency workers jumped onto boats to scour the area, and medics waited on shore. Days of searching uncovered the man’s surfboard, but his body was never found. He was counted as Australia’s seventh shark attack victim this […]


Exxon loses key climate change battle

Rex Tillerson’s complicated relationship with climate change ExxonMobil just lost a critical climate change battle even as the fate of the Paris accord remains in serious doubt. In a rare defeat for a major company, over 63% of Exxon shareholders voted in favor of a proposal on Wednesday calling on the world’s biggest public oil […]


Exxon under fire to stress test climate risk

Rex Tillerson’s complicated relationship with climate change The once-immovable foundations of oil giant ExxonMobil’s business model are being challenged by a new world of electric cars, solar energy and crackdowns on carbon emissions. Yet for all the risks facing Exxon, little is known about how climate change regulation and green technology would impact the fortunes […]