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A Hong Kong teenager’s death became a magnet for conspiracies, and exposed deep problems in how the city operates

It was August 10, 2019. Protesters had gathered outside a police station on Nathan Road, a busy shopping street in Hong Kong that had become the latest battleground in the anti-government protests that would rock the city for more than six months. The smoke billowed forth as experienced protesters pulled masks down over their faces […]

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‘We have nothing left’: Beirut residents describe apocalyptic scenes after explosion rocks city

When an explosion tore through the Lebanese capital on Tuesday afternoon, it wreaked havoc on nearly all of Beirut’s quarters. Buildings as far away as 10 kilometers from the site of the explosion were damaged. Shards of glass filled the thoroughfares, and street lights were extinguished by its force. The blast registered as a 3.3 […]


Not wearing a mask outside could mean a $645 fine in Hong Kong as city imposes strict Covid measures

On Monday, Hong Kong’s Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung announced that face masks would be mandatory in both indoor and outdoor public places from Wednesday, with offenders facing fines of up to 5,000 Hong Kong dollars ($ 645), although he didn’t specify how the new measure would be enforced. People with “reasonable excuses” such as medical […]