Digital experts get multiple job offers

In a job market where new offers are hard to come by, a section of technology professionals is sitting with multiple offers — with the luxury of letting some go. The ‘offer-to-joining’ ratio of professionals with expertise in digital and emerging technologies is at an all-time low of 10:4 — four take up the job while six give it a pass.

Companies are struggling to retain skilled tech people who are sitting on an average of 3-4 offers at one time, despite the slowdown and job cuts in several sectors. “We have never seen this kind of an influx in tech roles in the market… The offer-to-joining ratio is extremely low,” said Krishna Kumar, CEO of Simplilearn.

The ‘drop ratio’ for several tech skills have risen to as high as 60% in the last 2-3 months from 25% earlier, and this applies to even the top-end employer brands, according to a survey conducted for ET by executive search firm Xpheno.

‘Drop ratio’ is the number of people who decline to take job offers versus the number offered jobs.

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