Amazon, Google, Walmart, and other leading firms, call on Biden, Congress to address climate change

Many of the nation’s top companies, including Amazon, Goldman Sachs, Ford, Google and Walmart, are calling on the new administration to address climate change and come up with long-term solutions in response to concerns from investors, customers, communities and employees.

In a letter to President-elect Joe Biden and the new Congress, 42 corporations urged the government to rejoin the Paris Agreement and enact ambitious climate policies now.

The statement, which represented a cross section of corporate America, said it would support Biden’s decision to recommit to emissions reduction goals under the accord after President Donald Trump formally withdrew the country from the climate change agreement.

In recent years, there has been increased momentum among investors and industry leaders alike to do something positive to address the world’s environmental challenges.

Indeed, the companies that have done the best job of articulating their socially responsible positions are seeing long-term benefits to the planet and their bottom line.  

“Record wildfires, flooding, hurricanes and other extreme weather are upending lives and livelihoods,” the letter said, which was organized by the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions as part of a Climate Innovation 2050 initiative.

A firefighter walks along a hillside covered with flame retardant during the Elkhorn Fire near Red Bluff, California, U.S. August 29, 2020.
Matthew McFarland | via Reuters

Although the letter did not outline specific a specific plan, it said that action must be taken to reduce “these grave risks.”

The companies also said each would take major steps to reducing their own environmental impact.

Further, investing in clean energy and climate protection “can contribute significantly to our economic recovery” and “will create jobs, drive growth, and strengthen U.S. competitiveness.”

Together, the 42 companies joining the statement have nearly 5 million employees and generate $ 3 trillion in annual revenues.

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