‘Black Swan’ author: Global coronavirus response a case study of government incompetence and denial

The global governmental response to the coronavirus pandemic has been rife with shortcomings that have prolonged the acute phase of the health crisis, “Black Swan” author Nassim Taleb told CNBC on Monday. “I think this is a case study of government worldwide incompetence in dealing with a problem and denial,” said Taleb, whose best-selling 2007 […]


The Moneyist: I am a white woman of privilege and a single mother. I need a ‘zinger’ to stop my sister-in-law telling me why I have it so good

Dear Moneyist, I am a white woman of privilege. I am also the full-time working single mother of an adopted child, and I have led a very successful career. While I have benefited throughout my life from my parents’ financial support, even though I have never married, my parents have worked hard to keep things […]

Small Business

6 tips for starting a successful business from these female military veterans who did it

Starting a business is always challenging but it’s harder than it should be for military veterans — and particularly for female veterans. Female veteran-owned businesses make up just 15.2% of the 2.52 million veteran businesses, according to Census Bureau Statistics. About 97% of those have no employees. Also, only around 15% of all veteran-owned firms […]